About Us


The Zone Tattoo and Body Piercing offers a superior body modification environment that has been serving Warrensburg and central Missouri for over 22 years. The owner, Mark Montgomery was the first piercer in the state of Missouri to be recognized by the APP (Association of Professional Piercers) and is currently one of only thirteen members in the state of Missouri.  The Zone Tattoo and Body Piercing also hosts two highly qualified tattoo artists who provides over 25 years of combined tattooing experience. The Zone also offers custom tattoos and body art along with a vast collection of hand-picked body jewelry along with other unique and distinguished merchandise.


Here at the Zone Tattoo and Body Piercing, we pride ourselves on providing you the best experience, whether it be piercing or tattooing in the safest and cleanest environment.  All our artists are CPR & blood borne pathogen certified.  Our first priority is your safety.  In addition to offering its clientele a safe environment to be pierced and tattooed in, The Zone Tattoo and Body Piercing is committed to providing you quality.  Quite simply, there are things that should not be tattooed, and there are wrong ways to be pierced.  We will help you understand the differences and why.  Each of our customers walks away with a deeper knowledge of the art and the tools they need to care properly for their piercing or tattoo as it heals.