Q: Does it hurt?
A: This depends on each individuals pain tolorance. So, some say yes, some say no.
This also depends on the placement of the tattoo and the constitution of the individual.

Q: Will it fade?
A: As we age our skin loses its elasticity, and so any pigment placed into the skin will thin out as we grow older. We recommend getting your tattoos spruced up every 15-20 years or so to keep them vibrant and sharp.

Q: Will I faint?
A: This is all down to the individual; if you’ve eaten, not under the influence and aren’t the nervous type you should be fine. If somebody does faint it has nothing to do with pain, as we have seen some faint upon application of the transfer.

Q: How small can you go?
A: Tattoos can be any size (small or large) as long as you keep in mind these things: Less image size, less image detail- the smaller an image, the more cartoon like it becomes. Shrink a picture of a roaring bear down enough and it will look like an angry hamster.

Q: Can I bring my own design?
A: Yes please. Feel free to bring in pictures and ideas to us. The more the better.

Q: Can you cover scars?
A: We can tattoo over most scar tissue, but depending on which type of scar it is this may affect final color. Tattooing will do little to affect the texture of the skin.

Q: Do cover-ups have to be black or really dark?
A: No. The cover up tattoo must be busy with high contrast and highlights. The eye automatically looks at the lightest point of any picture first, therefore we hide the old tattoo behind a 3D image in a place that has plenty of highlights. Celtic knot work or hair/fur is splendid for this purpose.

Q: How deep does the needle go?
A: Approximately 1/16th of an inch deep.
A good artist with a well tuned machine can feel the surface of the skin through the needles.

Q: How do you price tattoos, what will it cost me?
A: We dont quote any prices without seeing the design first.   Placement on the body can aslo affect price.   It all depends on how complex a job is, how many colors are to be used, how long it’s going to take our artists to complete the work, and how many different needles we have to use.  We charge, at average, $100 an hour.

~ Quotes are for time and materials. ~