We hold ourselves to a very high standard in regards to the craft we practice.  We respect that each person who comes here leaves as a walking, talking billboard.  Body modification has over a 5,000 year history and we respect that. 

This shop is not populated with tattooist who pierce because they want an extra dollar, nor do we have a piercer that tattoos.  Tattooist, tattoo and piercers pierce.  This specialization and our unwillingness to sacrifice our standards are the things that set The Zone above and beyond the typical tattoo studio. 

We provide the perfect blend between professionalism and art.  From the simplest ear lobe to the most complicated sleeve, we are here to assist you in your journey of self expression.

RATES: $100/hr•MINIMUM: $50 •4HR SPECIAL: $300 •DEPOSIT: $20

[Rates are subject to change]